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The Sex Worker Freedom Festival: the alternative International AIDS Conference 2012 event for sex workers and allies.

Click on photo for view “Sex Worker Freedom Festival” video

US government travel restrictions for sex workers mean that many of us will not be able, or will not want to go to the IAC in Washington this year. The Sex Worker Freedom Festival is an alternative event for sex workers and our allies to protest our exclusion and ensure the voices of those excluded are heard in Washington.

The festival programme will focus on freedoms that we are all entitled to:

  • Freedom of movement and to migrate;
  • Freedom to access quality health services;
  • Freedom to work and choose occupation;
  • Freedom to associate and unionise;
  • Freedom to be protected by the law;
  • Freedom from abuse and violence; and
  • Freedom from stigma and discrimination.

Click on photo for view “Welcome to the Sex Workers’ Freedom Festival” video

Bharati Dey from DMSC sends a welcome to sex workers all over the world…
The Sex Workers’ Freedom Festival. “See you in Kolkata”




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