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On the third anniversary of the passing of APNSW’s co-founder and long time sex worker activist, Andrew Hunter, APNSW formally announces the forthcoming publication of the 1st edition of the APNSW Sex Worker Diary.

The Sex Worker Diary is dedicated to sex worker leaders, such as Andrew, who have tirelessly fought for the recognition of human, health, and work rights for sex workers across the Asia and Pacific region

The diary, which is in the last stages of layout, highlights and celebrates days of significance to the regional sex worker movement in which sex workers have used our many skills to challenge the laws, policies, and institutions which oppress us.

APNSW recognises and extends our utmost respect to sex workers for the strong, vibrant, and diverse communities and cultures of resistance sex workers have created across the Asia and Pacific, which continually inspire us in the work we undertake.

We hope that the forthcoming year will be marked by organised and mobilised sex worker communities strategically challenging systemic structures at the local, national, regional, and international level.

Upon completion of the diary, a PDF version will be uploaded to the APNSW website, and a limited number of hard copies will be printed.

photo of Andrew against a white background holding a sign 'communities delegation'

In memory of Andrew Hunter, co-founder of APNSW


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