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APNSW recently held our annual Human Rights Workshop in Bangkok. We had members from India, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia. This year we looked at the barriers to Universal Access to HIV prevention, care and support for sex workers- with a particular focus on human rights issues for HIV+ sex workers and on legal and policy barriers to Universal Access.

One of the main activities was an art based advocacy piece looking at the key human rights issues for HIV positive sex workers. We made a large mural- with cages and traps representing laws/policing; hospitals and health systems; INGO’s and donors; and society, religion and culture. These are mini sculptures attached to the canvas which explain the way these systems and institutions exclude or discriminate against HIV positive sex workers. We will show this art piece at ICAAP in Bali.

We’d like to thank AJWS for their support of our workshop and for understanding and supporting our Arts based method of working across languages and cultures.

Look back here in two weeks for a full workshop report, and in a few more weeks for a full video report on the workshop and the barriers sex workers face in reaching Universal Access.



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